Digicom's PC Paramedics

Digicom’s PC Paramedics

Emergency Service is available 24/7!

Call 43-PC911  ( 812-437-2911 or Toll Free 877-437-2911 )


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What causes this slowdown?

It’s possible that your slowed computer or Internet connection is caused by any or all of the following:

Viruses — programs written to do harm to your computer that spread via email or any other way computers can share data (i.e., floppy, USB drives, CD/DVD, etc.)

Spyware/Spybots — programs written to track where you go, what you see and/or buy in order to sell that data to marketing companies or advertising clients.

Worms — code written with the intention of computer disruption and the capability of spreading themselves from computer to computer

Trojans — programs written to enable a remote user to control your computer for any purpose, such as email spamming or attacking other computers via your computer.

Adware — programs written to continuously blast you with pop-up advertising and/or re-route your webpage requests with pages that are other than those you requested. (a.k.a. Browser Hijacking)


Digicom’s PC Paramedics are experts in this field and are ready to help you solve your problems!  Most the time, we can repair your computer right over the Internet with our RescueMyPC connection.  However, if your problem is blocking access to the Internet, our Paramedics can come to  you and solve your problems!

Dispatch the PC Paramedics by calling 43-PC911

812-437-2911 or Toll Free at 877-437-2911.

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