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For all other needs, Digicom can solve your problems!

Since 1983, DigiCom has been providing service on-line and repairing computers off-line.  These days, we’ve merged the worlds and provide computer support via the Internet.  95% of repairs can be made through our remote repair sessions.  For those 5% that can’t, we provide on-site service to get you up and running again.

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YES!  Much of the time, we can diagnose your printer problems remotely and get you going again.  With our RescueMyPC remote connection software and our Rescue Lens smartphone app, we can take a computer look and a visual look at your printer and solve you problems.  If we can’t figure it out remotely, there is no charge and we can have someone onsite to solve your problems!


HP Printer issues:
Slow printing, not printing at all, lines in printed pages, unusual sounds, error messages, jamming paper, and other printer issues you are concerned about.




Model’s We Repair:

Brother Laser Printers
Brother Color Lasers
Brother InkJet
Brother All-In-One
Brother MFC