With Digicom’s RescueMyPC, we can repair your computer problems right over the Internet, at a time that is convenient for you! Simply fill out the form to the right, click “Start Remote Tech Support”, open/run the program it sends, and shortly after, our technicians will be able to help fix your problem!

Digicom_Front-logo_FINALWelcome to Digicom’s On-line Remote Technician!  With our innovative Remote Login, we are able to troubleshoot and repair problems, install new options, and even train you. All without you taking you PC somewhere, or without you having to wait for a technician to get to your location.  You will be able to see every step the technician takes, along with being able to talk to them via phone, or a chat window on your computer.

Typically, a technician can be working on your computer in 3-minutes from the time of you calling us at 812-437-2911 (in Evansville area) or Nationwide at 877-437-2911.

If we cannot repair your problem via Remote Login, it’s FREE!

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METHOD 2:  Sometimes malware likes to block things from installing.  If you have problems with downloading/running the applet above, use this method to chat with support and get around the malware.  The above method IS the best method though, so try it first!

Would you like us to be a double-click away?Digicom's RescueMyPC

RescueMyPC Calling Card

A Digicom Tech can be a double-click away! Just download and install our Calling Card on your PC and it will put our Medic Icon on your Windows desktop.  If you have a problem, click on it, and moments later we’ll be there to help!

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