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Digicom’s PC Paramedics

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Computer Repair Services

PC Paramedics PC RepairDigicom’s PC Paramedics are ready to help with your problems.  Our technicians are constantly training to keep up with all the latest standards and issues.  Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Virus / Spyware Removal
  • Hardware problems & diagnostics
  • Software support
  • Wireless and Wired Networking
  • Backup & Data Recovery services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Tablets (iOS, Android & Windows)
  • PC’s (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome)
  • Training

Find out why all those clients are bragging on us and let Digicom’s PC Paramedics solve your problem!

Slow Running PC (Malware)

Bitdefender 2015

What causes this slowdown?

It’s possible that your slowed computer or Internet connection is caused by any or all of the following:

Viruses — programs written to do harm to your computer that spread via email or any other way computers can share data (i.e., floppy, USB drives, CD/DVD, etc.)

Spyware/Spybots — programs written to track where you go, what you see and/or buy in order to sell that data to marketing companies or advertising clients.

Worms — code written with the intention of computer disruption and the capability of spreading themselves from computer to computer

Trojans — programs written to enable a remote user to control your computer for any purpose, such as email spamming or attacking other computers via your computer.

Adware — programs written to continuously blast you with pop-up advertising and/or re-route your webpage requests with pages that are other than those you requested. (a.k.a. Browser Hijacking)


Digicom’s PC Paramedics are experts in this field and are ready to help you solve your problems!  Most the time, we can repair your computer right over the Internet with our RescueMyPC connection.  However, if your problem is blocking access to the Internet, our Paramedics can come to  you and solve your problems!

Dispatch the PC Paramedics by calling 43-PC911

812-437-2911 or Toll Free at 877-437-2911.

Printer Repair

Printer Repairs Laser Dot Matrix Plotter Label

Digicom’s PC Paramedics have worked on every kind of printer you can think of. High Speed Dot Matrix & Line Printers, Inkjet, Laser, Networking Laser, Kiosk Printers, Thermal Printers, High Speed Label Printers, Plotters, Ticket Printers and even Photo ID Printers. Many of our clients that have a printer go down, need it online immediately, so Digicom has compiled a huge database for our technicians with parts, schematics, troubleshooting tools, and best of all, on-going hands-on training.


If your printer is ill,

Call PC Paramedic’s Now!

43-PC911 (812-437-2911)



Dell – HP – Lexmark – Xerox – Zebra – Canon – Olympus – Citizen – Brother – Minolta

Networking (Wired & Wireless)

videoworkNo matter if you are needing home networking, advanced business networking or even surveillance system networking, Digicom’s PC Paramedics has qualified network technicians available to help!  While Digicom doesn’t sell networking equipment, we do figure out your networking problems and get them solved.

Have you ever been pinched between two companies each saying it’s the other companies part causing the problem? With Digicom, that isn’t something you have to worry about. It’s our job to solve the networking issue, no matter what piece of hardware or software is causing the problem.

Get Digicom’s PC Paramedics dispatched to your problem by calling 43-PC911


Preventative Maintenance

PC Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance

Our computers sit down under the desk quietly, and we never think about them until something goes wrong. Many times, failure of computer equipment can be due to overheating. It’s not something that usually happens overnight, but over months without preventative maintenance. Every computer has an air system that allows cool air to come in and hot air to be blown out. Dust and debris gets sucked into your computer from it’s cooling fans and collects in areas throughout the route. This issue is dramatically worse on laptops due to their much smaller cooling paths.

Digicom’s PC Paramedics will come on-site to do a full Preventative Maintenance of not only your PC’s, but also your printers & scanners.

Call Us Today to Schedule Maintenance or with any questions you may have!

Just call 43-PC911

  • PC Paramedics has fixed my computer on multiple occasions when we’ve had virus or other issues that have disabled our computer. The service is fast and friendly and I recommend them to all my family and friends.

    Ryan Antes
  • I recommend Digicom’s PC Paramedics to all of my friends and family and you should use them too. Their friendly staff diagnosed my computer problem and explained it to me without using a lot of computer jargon, then fixed it right the first time.

    Nathan Davis
  • I have been using Digicom for 7-8 years and have been more than satisfied with their high level of service. I have sent friends, family, and clients to Digicom without any reservations. Their level of knowledge, willingness to help, and more than reasonable rates makes them my go to company when my computer needs looked at.

    Brian Garrett
  • I had a virus, that was locking up my computer.(hijacked) I called this company and they fixed it over the phone. They can even remotely access and do it for you, if your not a computer whiz. I was back up and running without unhooking, and taking my computer to the shop. I highly recommend Digicom PC Paramedics.

    Scott Winstead
  • I had a wonderful experience with Digicom Consulting today! They were able to do a remote login and save my computer from a nasty virus within minutes of calling him. I will be sure to recommend Digicom Consulting to all my friends in and around Evansville, IN. It’s difficult to build trust with service companies but that is what I got with this service and I am forever grateful and will be contacting them for any future computer issues! Thank you Digicom!

    Krista Lindsey
  • I had several friends recommend Digicom Consulting recently when I complained about a problem with our home computer. What a fantastic experience! It’s not often that services or companies live up to others recommendations. I was also SO happy to be able to communicate with them to describe the intermittent issue we were having. In the past I have found that most electronic repair companies speak in a foreign “tech” language & have become frustrated when I feel they’re almost talking down to me. He understood my complaints & after a few short steps was working on my system. So awesome not to have to lug the computer into a repair shop, or wait for a service person to come to my home on their schedule. Excellent service! I will & already have recommended Digicom Consulting to my friends & coworkers!

    Tracey Merrick (Evansville, IN)
  • Gary and his company Digicom are excellent to work with. I had some major computer issues and he fixed all of them all without the my even taking my desktop to him. His valued my time and completed the work quickly. His price was very fair and made recommendation to me so that I would not have the same issue down the road. I would recommend Digicom and Gary Barr to anyone who had any issues with there personal or business computer.

    Erica Deters (Newburgh, IN)
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