Outsourcing to Digicom is as good as being there!

When you need services in the Evansville, Indiana area, but don’t have a tech from your company in the region, Digicom’s PC Paramedics is your answer.  We have worked with 100’s of companies on an outsourcing partnership and have made very happy customers.   We are willing to private label our services under your company, this means we represent you, not “Digicom”.   Under our private label services, we are technicians from your company.   We will answer to your guidelines, we will be your eyes, ears and knowledge on the scene.

We even take this to a new level, by being able to provide you with a “live eye” on the site.   On some situations, you might not even know what your customers site looks like, so not only are we able to provide you a verbal description but also use our RescueLens technology to give you a view from on-site.   Your site does not need Internet capabilities for us to do this, we bring our own high speed connection!

To take our options one step further, our technicians can produce copies of our yearly background check and drug test, to comply with any companies requirements.   We do work in government and high security profile companies, so we even have techs that have met federal guidelines for security clearance.

For more details on our outsourcing (Private Label) options, call us at 812-437-2911.