Merchant Services

You got the order, but now you need to accept the payment. We can help!

Digicom has teamed up with Authorize.Net to offer both Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts.  Along with providing pricing and details, when you order through our links, we waive the $49 setup fee, along with getting you a lower Monthly Gateway fee which is normally $25/month.  If you have questions or need help in setting it all up, please contact us!

Payment Gateway & Merchant Account

We can help set you up with a combined account to get started right away.

Setup Fee - Waived by Digicom

Monthly Gateway Fee - $15.00

Per Transaction - 2.9% + 30¢

Payment Gateway Only

You must have a merchant account to sign up for this plan. A merchant account collects payments from your customer’s bank and deposits the funds into your business checking or savings account.

Setup Fee - Waived by Digicom

Monthly Gateway Fee - $15.00

Per Transaction (Gateway) - .07

Batch Fee - .10

Let Digicom save you the $49 setup fee and $10/month!

Order through Digicom and SAVE!

When you place your order through Digicom, we have waived the $49 setup fee AND you save $10/month for the Monthly Gateway, which is normally $25/month.

So when you make your decision to go with Authorize.Net, make sure you order here to save!

* Digicom is an Authoirize.Net Authorized Reseller.  Pricing is controlled by Authorize.Net and most current pricing if on their website.Authorizenetlogo