Media Conversion Services

VHS, VHS-C, CD, DVD, 8mm, Super-8, Slides, Negatives & Audio Cassette

Digicom offers media transfer services at very affordable prices.  Transfer your video or audio to digital format for download, or have it written to DVD or CD.  Every day, that tape media is deteriorating in quality just by sitting there.  Stop the loss of valuable video/audio by converting it to digital files today!

— Multiple studies have shown magnetic media that is stored in good conditions (humidity,
temperatures, free of dust & magnetic fields), they still will decay 10-20% over 10 years. — 

Video Formats

VHS or VHS-C to DVD ($12/per tape)
VHS or VHS-C to Digital Format File ($12/per tape)
VHS or VHS-C Combo both DVD and Digital File ($15/per tape)

DVD to Digital Format File ($10/per DVD)

We also convert 8mm and Super-8 Film!
3″ Reel (~50ft’) – $10/per real
5″ Reel (~200ft’) – $25/per real
7″ Reel (~400ft’) – $75/per real

Digital Formats Available:  .AVI – .MOV – .WMV – .MPG – .MP4

Audio Formats

 Audio Cassette to CD ($10/per cassette)
Audio Cassette to Digital Format File ($10/per cassette)

CD to Digital Format File ($10/per CD)

Audio Digital Formats Available: .M4A – .M4P – .MP3 – .WAV – .WMA

Slides & Negatives

 Slides to Digital Media (35¢ / per slide*)
Negatives to Digital Media (35¢ / per image*)

 * – Subject to $21 minimum order

8mm Film Conversion:

We digitize each frame of the film individually directly from the film, not captured by a projection which can cause flicker and distortion.  8mm film is decaying as you read this, causing the pictures on the film to be lost forever.  It’s time to digitize that film, so you don’t lose valuable memories.   Once in digital format, it can be viewed on a computer, tablet and even cell phone, or written to a DVD.

Slides & Negatives Conversion:

Unlike other companies that are talking about 1-megapixel scans of the media, Digicom’s method uses up to a 20-megapixel scan.  This allows us to capture the highest resolution image possible from your slides or negatives.

* We can only transfer non-copyrighted media.

We like to remind everyone that old video formats only use, at best, 576 pixels (most 480).  While that video will convert over to new formats and be able to fill the screen in a letterboxed mode, it will not be HD quality.  It can only work with the video format it was recorded in originally and do the best it can to fill in the gaps.  The graphic above will give you an idea of the difference in size quality between all the standards.

VHS to Digital

8mm Film to Digital

35mm Slide to Digital

package-1512783_960_720While our office is in Evansville, Indiana, we have worked with customers around the world.  We welcome the tapes being shipped to us, and items can be returned after conversion via FedEx, UPS or US Postal Service.

If you are interested in Media Conversion, call us at 812-437-2911 or Contact Us Online!