Data Breach Testing Tools

Test your email account and/or password to see if they have been in a known data breach. Even if a password was listed in a data breach and was associated with someone else’s account, it will still be used in hacking attempts against all accounts. If the tested password was in a data breach, we strongly recommend not using it on any accounts.

Email to test:

Password Hacker Simulator

Try our password hacker simulator to test the quality of password you are considering. This simulates how quick a hacker who doesn’t know your password, can crack it with easily found hacking tools. This simulator does not take into account if the password has been compromised on any data breaches, which would move a strong password to the easily hacked in seconds list. To test that, use our Password Data Breach tool to see if has been compromised.

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Top 500 Most Used Passwords: False

Property Data
Length 0
Letters NOT USED
Uppercase Letters NOT USED
Lowercase Letters NOT USED
Numbers NOT USED
Symbols NOT USED
Charset Size 0
Total Combinations 0

Agent Speed
Standard Desktop N/A
Gaming Desktop N/A
Small Botnet N/A
Large Botnet N/A

Data Breach News

Our thanks to Troy Hunt ( for his hard work to keep us all safer by sharing his data breach news.