Since 1983, Digicom has been providing online services and has grown into a trusted source for Internet Web Hosting, Computer & Networking Support, CyberSecurity, along with Data Recovery from a variety of media devices.  If you have any questions, or need support, we are only a click or call away!

To celebrate Digicom’s 35th year of providing online services, we wanted to tip our caps to our beginning in 1983 with bringing back the Digicom BBS that got it all started.  We’ve even included a time machine option, so you can see what the speeds were like in those time periods.  And yes, for those that used the Digicom BBS, we’ve even brought back many of the Door Games you used to play, along with adding vintage games like Zork and Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!  To visit our Digicom BBS museum, simply go to or telnet into it at

  • Windows PC & Mac Repair

Digicom’s PC Paramedics are available for on-site calls in the Evansville, Indiana area, or available to repair software related issues through our Online RescueMyPC, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Internet Services

Digicom offers a wide range of Internet Services, including Web HostingWeb Design services.  We also provide Nationwide Dial-up and DSL Services.  Digicom is ready to help!

  • Data Recovery & Forensic Recovery

When you don’t want to lose that data, it’s time to call Digicom.   If you need just standard data recovery or need one of our Law Enforcement trained Forensic Technicians, we can help.

CyberSecurity Tips

Making two-factor authentication much stronger in two easy steps

Reading a recent post about a stolen iPhone and the importance of two-factor notification, I had a mortifying realization. I’d happily enabled 2FA for pretty much all possible accounts — banks, Google, if they had the option, I took it. No petty thief would put one over on me, no ma’am. Anytime I needed to…

Threat of the year

At the end of every year, our experts analyze the incidents that occurred and name one incident (or a trend) the story of the year. This year they did not have much to debate: 2017 was obviously the year of ransomware. Three ransomware epidemics (WannaCry, ExPetr, and the slightly less famous Bad Rabbit) attracted a…

Training Classes Online

Pluralsight Training We are constantly asked where people can go to take a class on different computer related subjects and we want to share our favorite recommendation.  Pluralsight is not only who we recommend, but we use our self.  Everyone at Digicom is required to take time to train each week and further their knowledge…