Welcome to Digicom!  Our first day of providing online services to the public was in 1983 in the form of a Bulletin Board System (BBS), which quickly gained worldwide attention for our groundbreaking ventures, including early forms of online graphics and sound.  In 1993, we took a bold step in a technology gaining popularity, called the Internet.  Since that day, the world has changed and Digicom has continued to get people online with our Internet services and online computer support.  We hope you will take a look around and chose Digicom for your needs!

Today’s Security Tip

dcmoonDigicom Consulting lays claim to Moon with lasered logo!   Sound to crazy to be true?   Then why share it?   Just like Walmart, Target, Bill Gates, or anyone else giving you something for free, just by forwarding it to your friends.   If a internet post seems to be unbelievable, check it out first, before you help spread the latest hoax!

If you want to check the validity of an email, there are some websites that provide information about hoaxes and urban legends:

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