News for FastSurf Customers on the move to Digicom:

Due to the passing of FastSurf’s founder, Rick O’Connell in December, owner Kathleen Castillo has reached out to Digicom to take over the Internet Services for FastSurf, MagicOhio, iCountry, FasterMac, OWC and OneHop.

While we are working around the clock to make the transition to our service very smooth, there are a large number of records that need to be updated.  Don’t worry though, the way you logged in last month, will continue to be the way you will log in.   Your email will remain the same, and yes, the prices will remain the same.  We wanted to honor Rick’s years of hard work and make sure we take care of his clients with the love and personal support, just like he did.

We welcome you all to Digicom and hope you look forward to additional abilities such as our Online Billing and Support System, Technicians who can help you through our remote access support software (RescueMyPC) along with our RescueLens software where our techs can see exactly what you are seeing through our phone app.

Dialup/DSL Users:   Please use for access to your email.

Since 1983, Digicom has been providing online services and has grown into a trusted source for Internet Web Hosting, Computer & Networking Support, CyberSecurity, along with Data Recovery from a variety of media devices.  If you have any questions, or need support, we are only a click or call away!

Today’s Security Tip

fake malware   Google SearchMessages like these from infected websites, are one of the leading ways people get viruses.  They hook you with some interesting video, probably straight from the latest headlines, and get you to add their free video player to see it.  Only, it’s malware you’ll be installing!  Even clicking on the pretty little Red ‘X’ that we’ve all been trained to do, can actually install the malware, because the X is actually fake also.  If you see a message like this pop up, hit the BACK button on your browser, or close the browser altogether.  Do NOT click on the window at all, if you are not 100% sure of it’s authenticity.